Happiness Throughout Life Essay

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Happiness Throughout Life
In this day and age jobs can take up a big portion of your life. If you are unhappy at your job, you will be unhappy a large part of your life. Thats why I would rather have a satisfying job over a high paying job because, I want to be happy in life, you can’t buy happiness, and money causes problems.
Everyone goal in life should be to be happy. When my grandfather graduated high school he got a job at a recreation park in Carrollton, he loved playing sports in high school and wanted to continue being involved in sports. On the other hand, his older brother went and got a job at a big business, he was making double what my grandfather was making but he didn't like his job. My grandfather was always happy and everyone he met instantly gave him their respect and trust, but his brother was unhappy and very grumpy at times, people tended to not talk to him. My grandfather is now in the Trojan Hall of Fame and knows people all over Carrollton from his 40 years of coaching. His brother retired from the company he was working for with no recognition. If my grandfather’s brother would have gotten a job he loved he would have been happier in his lifetime. The more money you have the more problems you will have. One problem is if you have a high paying job you will always have money laying around to spend and sometimes friends and family will want you to give them some of it. Lending money to friends or family will destroy your relationship with them because they will always want more. Another problem is with a high salary you will be able to buy anything you want. If you have everything, you will have nothing to work for or look forward