Harper Disaster Essay

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Identified Issue | Reason Identified Issue is important | 1) Placement of the time card in the manufacturing area rather than an office/entrance area or a supervised area | * This allows for unchallenged access to the time cards for easy manipulation of hours worked in order to gain extra pay. | 2) The format of time card record keeping, in this case handwritten and non electronic. | * With 100 employees it is unconventional and inefficient to record employee time on a handwritten sheet for each employee * It allows employees to put down a false sign in and sign out time. * It is not as accurate as an electronic system which would not have rounding errors and would not be based on the time on many different personal watches rather it would use a central time for all proving to be fairer. | 3) The Frequency of record keeping by the payroll clerk for employee time worked bi-weekly rather than daily | * Employing a daily record take for the time worked allows for the control of time card fraud by restricting employees from missing a day of work than recording that day as worked the next time they come in. | 4) Using the paper copies of the CRA guides rather than the online guide on the CRA website | * Using the paper booklet may not represent current changes in taxation standards or employee related pay deductions, a better and more current guide is available online at the CRA website. | 5) Lack of supporting documents to couple the overtime hours dispersed to the payroll clerk every two weeks | * Supporting documents of overtime worked are needed to prove and to authorize the salary to the employee in order to reduce the risk of fraud and to have an audit trail presentable to auditors | 6) The job ticket being the only way to track cost to the job and the physical placement on the actual job | * The lack of an electronic system to constantly track the cost runs the risk of not having a backup supporting document in the event the job cost is misplaced * The chance of the ticket being misplaced is substantial as it moves from one part of the manufacturing area to another, in this event, there would be no way to allocate a cost to the production. * A better practice would be the placement of a barcode to be scanned as it moves from job to job as it lands at each job a cost is added on the computer system tallying the total cost at the end. | 7) The requisitioned materials from the “open depot” without a computer system tracking all goods that leaves the depot. | * Without a system to track the goods there is the risk of theft, without accountability there simply is no control over what materials are leaving the depot. With an asset number/tracker like a barcode, we have can account for any missing item. |…