Harry Potter Exhibition Essay

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aTuesday, 6 December 2011

To: Ms M. Ash
North Sydney Girls High School
365 Pacific Highway
Crows’ Nest NSW 2065
Telephone: 02 9922 6666
Facsimile: 02 9957 5098

Dear Ms Ash,

We, the students of Year 8O, hereby propose an educational excursion to the Harry Potter exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. We believe that it is both educational and informative. This will give us the opportunity to reflect upon our childhood before we embark on our ninth year of schooling.

The details of the proposal are as follows:
Time: 2:15pm – 4pm
Date: Tuesday 13th December 2011.
Cost: $19.00 per student

Harry has grown as a character, and faced life's challenges just as we have.
Throughout the series, Harry has grown as a character; He has evolved from the innocent, young boy he was at the beginning of the series to the emotionally strong and successful man portrayed at the end. Along the way, he has faced the challenges of life, many of which we have faced, and some we have yet to encounter.

As we have been working on Film Study this term, the Harry Potter exhibition will give us the opportunity to observe how all media is a form of manipulation. We can study the Harry Potter films’ use of digital media in order to influence the audience and suspend their disbelief. The exhibition provides a valuable learning experience about the process of converting an interesting book into script format to produce an equally exciting film.

Harry Potter inspires us as it has had a great role in our lives. Relates to big question-
J.K. Rowling’s writing helps us to relate to the Big Question “What’s my story?” Most, if not all of us, have read the books which have played a big part in the development of our imagination. Rowling uses richly descriptive words to “jog our imaginations,” assisting us in the construction of our unique fantasy worlds which have become a safe haven for many of us.

Taking a risk of alienating readers regarding what content of the original book they keep and eliminate. This excursion will give the students a deep insight into the directorial vision and the tools needed in order to create a successful movie franchise. ADAPTING to changing circumstances of the direcorts. Real world application of adaptability. This will
This excursion will give us, the students, a deep insight into the directorial vision and the tools needed in order to create a successful movie franchise. The filmmakers take a risk regarding what content of the original book they keep what they eliminate when they produce the film. In every film adaptation of any book, little parts and details must be cut out in order to keep the film within the three hour time limit and keep the audience interested.

On a worldwide scale because it’s an international production

The Harry Potter films all connect on a worldwide scale because it is an international production and the book itself has been translated into 67 foreign languages. The world knows about Harry Potter and many people are connected because of this series of books. RESILIENCE
Evaluating the audience's feedback in order to continue making the film series. For every film or book made, there will always be criticism and negativity will always be there. The film makers of Harry Potter must evaluate critique from fans and professionals alike in order to continue making the film series and