Essay on Hawaii: Hawaii and Hawaiian Culture

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Kevin Herrera 9-23-14 3:00 pm My perspective of Hawaii is vivid due to the great beaches, luaus, and volcanoes that reflect in my memory from the many photos and brochures I've seen. It gives off that sense of adventure and self discovering. I live in a place where there are substitutes for Hawaiian food and the same topography. Ive always expected places like Hawaii to be different, where there is less urban environment and a much more traditional sense to living. Its more than likely to say that these reasons are why I would want to visit a place like this. Arriving from the airport, I am greeted with leis as a token of welcoming and right away you can feel that warm feeling of the “Aloha Spirit”. I begin to notice things such as the people, although I’ve assumed that there would only be native Hawaiians, there aren’t. The diverse asian population;Japanese, Chinese, filipino,and Vietnamese only adds a deeper understanding to the Hawaiian culture. The drive from the airport is relaxing as I’m beginning to see the scenery of the beach and the many hotels along it. I can see how warm and friendly the people are, smiles and cameras flashing. Now there is somewhat a lot of traffic, something I’m hoping I wouldn’t see. I know for a fact that Hawaii is a condense area, especially in Honolulu, but nothing I wouldn’t expect from watching the Discovery Channel or looking up Hawaii on google images. To make things better, the beach is a lot different from home. It turns out on some parts of the island, there are black sand beaches due to the molten rock of the lava and then you have your sandy white beaches. The water is fairly clear and the different types and colors of the fish and coral are much different than California. You wont be able to find those huge kelp forests too and the water is warm all year round. There are many other tourist attractions that don't really have to do with the geography of the location. Pearl harbor for example is one of the many famous WW2 locations that tourists are allowed to visit. My family had just decided to rent a jeep to not only to visit Pearl