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Hazard Report
In my past employment I was a back area crew member for a fast food franchise. My daily responsibilities included preparing, cooking and presenting the food as well as maintaining stock and cleanliness of my designated area and sometimes customer service and interaction. During my time at the restaurant there were several hazards that can be identified and all these hazards were taught to be avoided during the training period of my employment. My workplace is classified under

Division H Accommodation and Food Services
Subdivision 45 Food and Beverage Services
Class 4511 Cafes and Restaurants
Group 451 Cafes, Restaurants and Takeaway food

Due to the nature of fast food restaurants, these workplaces usually have strict guidelines and protocols in place for workers to avoid hazards. Below I will briefly outline the hazards that may appear in the back area and describe the measures that are taken to make sure these hazards do not occur.
Fire and Electrical Hazards – Risk Level: High
In the back area of the fast food workplace, there are numerous fire hazards to be cautious of. In my specific restaurant, some of these included open grills, fryers and splashing oils. The store tried to minimalize risk by placing fire extinguishers and fire blankets near the cooking equipment for easy access and all employees are taught to be cautious and obey OHS standards. All the cooking equipment that may cause danger is stored in safe locations when not in use. Regular mopping and cleaning of the floor also ensures that no one slips over on the grease and oil on the floor accrued throughout the day. Electrical equipment is taped off in bright colours to ensure no one unauthorised touches them. On their first day, all employees are given a tour of the workplace and taught all the necessary risks to avoid. All workers are made sure to know how to handle all equipment prior to use and given all the necessary skills to utilise these machines without putting themselves in harms way. Clothing is strictly regulated as loose articles may cause hazards as there are several sources of flame and heat in the back area. Hair must be tied and aprons must be worn.
The back area crew also relies heavily on electrical equipment and subsequently this usage creates impending hazards. As previously stated, all electrical equipment unauthorised to workers are taped off in bright colours to avoid accidental hazards. We are taught to keep all the machinery dry and must not allow loose objects to fall into them. If any machinery appears to be faulty, we must contact the manager who contacts the electrician to repair it, we must not touch it ourselves.
Chemical Hazards – Risk Level: High
Due to the fast pace nature of these fast food restaurants, constant cleaning and tidying must be done in the back area to ensure food safety and cleanliness. Due to this, we constantly use chemicals to wipe the floor, bench…