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Hello, Alberta Health Services (AHS) has the legal responsibility for protecting the confidential health and personal information of patients, co-workers, the public and AHS business information. The AHS Information & Privacy department ensures this responsibility is upheld by providing the necessary training and education resources. As such, all AHS employees and affiliates (e.g. students/instructors, volunteers, physicians, etc.) MUST complete the following mandatory privacy training prior to participating in placements: 1. Go to the following AHS website to access the training and education resources: 2. Click on the link to watch the Information & Privacy and IT Security & Awareness video. This awareness video highlights key messages related to both Information Privacy and IT Security & Compliance. While the message is serious, the video uses humour to demonstrate the important responsibilities you have around Information Privacy and IT Security & Compliance. 3. After watching the video, click on the link to Complete the Online Learning Module which highlights key messages related to both Information Privacy and IT Security & Compliance. The video concludes with the student or instructor being directed to complete the Confidentiality & User Agreement form which is embedded in the learning module. 4. Print and submit the signed Confidentiality and User Agreement on the last page of the module to the School of Health Sciences Placement Office if a student/instructor at Lethbridge College or the Faculty of Health Sciences department if a student/instructor at the University of Lethbridge. 5. The following information regarding personal accountability to do the above training is provided by the AHS Legal and Privacy department:
“Each student is accountable for taking the training, reading and signing the agreement and providing it to their educational institution for placement on the student file. We all…