P1 Communication Barriers Essay

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P1 explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social context.
The first segment of this report will be explaining the role of effective communication skills and what communication is in a health and social care base.
There is a large amount of care setting within health and social care where communication skills are crucial in the parts of interactions. These can consist of doctors, hospital consulting rooms, surgeries, social services interacting with other multiagency professionals, multidisciplinary teams dealing with different patients.
For example;
-service users;
These service users use the setting range from young individuals to older individuals. In some cases, they would need care support as they are mentally unstable or are elderly. This will include there needs of a arranging forms of communication styles to ensure the patient can understand as some higher authorities use jargon, which makes the patient uncomfortable. The service user should also ensure that they individual is taking part in the interaction, and putting their contribution into the interaction.
There are many varieties of setting in which communication will take place. I have given an example and identified some e.g. doctors. Likewise, hospital consulting rooms are also used for effective interpersonal communication between the consultants, doctors and a service user, it is important that theses interactions that take place should be in a safe, confidential and secure environment. Due to the individual’s right of their confidentiality. Inside many of these settings, service users and professionals will often deal with this, and communicating with other professionals within their sector. It is highly important that conversations within these cases are effective and all individuals concerned will understand the message that is being communicated to them. Some cases like this can be life and death communications.
For example;
If a doctor misunderstands the nurses description of a patient or service users, then the wrong medication can be issued when not needed, which will lead to potential risks to the patient or service users given the medication.
Communication must be effective whether your professionals or service users, both sectors need to ensure effective services are provided to those who need it. Staff need to check and become reflective in their communication with service users to ensure they fully understand the information that is given to them or have to make sure that the communication given to them is understandable and sent to them. This avoids possible risks and alleviates errors later on, and the treatment of the patients or service user involved.
We will now move onto deliberate on the theory of communication using the contacts communication. The first one I am going to speak to you about is a one-to-one. A one-to-one conversation and communications are often undertaken between both professionals and service users. These conversations will be seen as formal and often involve professional imparting information probably following a report or investigation such as an x-ray or a small scan on service users or a patient, then the patient receives the results, in which can be distressing and worrying towards them. Hence, the importance to establish an effective communication. Throughout the one-to-one it is vital for both professional and service users and patients to have effective tone of voice of the professional maintaining clear speech as it will come across more clearly to when a professional is speaking with their hands on their mouth, they also have to ensure that their volume is not to high nor too low, as you don’t want the patient to feel intimidated, also some service users and patients need additional support. This can be because they do not speak English as there from another background/culture. Therefore there need would be entitled to an interpreter for them to have a