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There are several components to a healthy person, not just what is visible on the outside. For a better understanding of my full health it is essential to look at not only my physical health, but my mental, emotional, and social health as well. During this semester of health I have explored all of the aspects of my health and learned a lot of which I never did before. Physical health is one the most obvious out of the four groups of health we have learned about this year. Physical health is widely talked about with friends, parents and even doctors. I have a very athletic and healthy family, so keeping myself physically healthy has been a priority from a young age. I tend to always have healthy food in my kitchen, and limited amounts of junk food therefore keeping my diet very well balanced. I am good with eating vegetables and fruits and I get much of my protein from salmon, one of the healthiest meats to eat. One other aspect in physical health that I excel in is exercise. I play three sports; soccer, basketball and track. Between these three sports I am exercising almost every day for the whole year. Keeping myself this active helps me maintain a fit and healthy body. Even though I have many strengths in my physical health, I have one main weakness, my lack of sleep. With a full schedule and honors classes on top of my multiple sports, it is hard to sustain good grades as well as committing to a competitive soccer and basketball league. This leads to lack of sleep; I am so focused on my sports and academics that I am easily working into the late hours of night. I get on average six or seven hours of sleep compared to the needed nine of the teenage body. This shows in my day and I am often quite miserable in the mornings. I am less efficient during school hours and it is an awful feeling to have. Another weakness I have is my constant craving of chocolate and sugar. Even though I eat enough vegetables and complex carbohydrates, I still tend to consume a fairly high amount of simple carbs and sugars. My challenges in my physical health are getting enough sleep, and avoiding sugary foods. Having such a busy schedule contributes immensely to the challenge of getting enough sleep.
I have learned that sleep really does matter, and even though I may think skipping out on a few hours will not do any harm, it has more impact on my actions than I had ever previously imagined. The only way to be completely physically healthy is through getting the right amounts of exercise and sleep combined with a well-balanced diet. The second component of health I have learned this year is emotional health. This deals with feelings and can be considered untimely the most challenging part of health. Handling my emotions can be very difficult with the pressure from friends, parents, and even school. I feel that my strongest aspects of emotional health is my ability to express my emotions. This can be hard for some people considering many teenagers bottle up their emotions and end up becoming very emotionally unstable. I have a great group friends I am able to surround myself with, and I can be myself around them which makes it easy express my emotions. My friends help me lead an effortless path to feeling accepted and maintaining a point of emotional happiness. My biggest weakness in regards to my emotional health is the fact that I can get very angry in short periods of times. I do not however hold onto grudges and stay angry for long, but I can get angry often. I find myself annoyed at how I can get extremely angry at some of the stupidest things, and may lead to a pessimistic mood for the rest of the day. Being pessimistic is also an emotion I struggle with and I can not help but to sometimes look at everything in a negative way. Some other emotions that I struggle with having are being carefree, frustrated, and even brave. My biggest challenge in emotional health dealing with my emotions like having angry