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The definition of health
The definition of health means having a positive state of physical, mental and social well-being that varies over time along a continuum. (World Health Organization). I am going to write about the Holistic Model and the Health Belief Model in this assignment.
The Holistic Model
The holistic model of health suggests how biological, psychological and social factors all work together to affect health behavior.
Biological factors include immune function, genetics and psychological abnormalities. Immune function can be physical abnormalities that may affect your self-esteem like a skin condition. Genetics can be an illness that runs in the family that you could inherit and would make you more inclined to change your health behavior. Psychological abnormalities can be a biochemical in-balance that could make you suffer from depression.
Psychological factors include cognition, emotion and motivation. Cognition refers to the way we think about our health, if we think giving up smoking will make you gain weight we won’t quit. Emotion refers to the way we feel, if we have phobias of needles we won’t go for a blood test. Motivation explains why we behave the way we do, someone could be motivated to get fit because they are joining the army.
Social factors include relationships with family members, friends and society. Family members can influence us to eat healthy and not smoke, whilst friends may influence us to smoke and drink alcohol because they are doing it and we feel peer pressure to fit in with everyone else. Society can influence our health behavior by media; we could be influenced by a