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As we grow up we never check the food we eat meaning, how many calories it has, if it has vitamins or not. When we eat the only thing we think about is to not feel hungry anymore, but when thinking too much about not being hungry we forget to think about what if the food we eat is not good for us. Well in this project I had to write down the food I ate and the physical activity I did for two days a weekday and a weekend, and in my report I’ll bet able to notice how many calories I eat and how many I burn and also I’ll be able to check if I eat healthy or not. In my report of day 1 and Day 2 in food groups and calories I only did well in two groups the grains and fruit, the rest was not so good. Apparently I need to eat more vegetables, proteins, dairy and some oils. To improve these areas I need to eat more chicken, meat dried beans and nuts (for proteins), (for vegetables) raw or cooked vegetables, and (for dairy) more milk and cheese. If I eat these things I’ll be good in every area/groups of nutrition. In the report of nutrients I did had the same results both days. In day 1 & day 2 I did ok in parts of the nutrient areas, minerals, and vitamins I had a well status in each group that kind the means I don’t have to work that much on any of the groups, but still eating what I do and more will help me to be better in each area so I can be healthier. At the end of this project I’ve notice that there are many areas that need some improve like the area of the