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Health policies from the 19th century.
a) The poor law

The poor law is as we know today the public health provision, in 1832 the poor law was passed which meant that no abled bodied person was allowed to get money or any other type of help from the poor law authorities except in a workhouse. The conditions in a workhouse was extremely unhygienic which made people not want to receive help from the workhouses. However this act did make sure that the poor people were housed, fed and clothed and they also made sure that the children who entered the workhouse where schooled however if they received this type of care the paupers had to work for several hours each day.

b) John Snow

John Snow observed people who drank water provided by a company and he came to a conclusion that the people who drank the water from this company were more likely to get cholera than the people who did not drink from this company. Since he was the person who established the disease, he removed the handle of the water pump and he stopped the serious outbreak of cholera.

c) Edward Chadwick Was a member of the sanitary movement, he was also a campaigner on health issues such as working conditions and sanitary reform, he made a report which stated that they needed to improve the living conditions of the poor that had a lot of evidence which was linked to environmental factors, ill health and poverty. He used his high status to try and persuade the government to invest in public health ventures.

d) First public health act 1848
In 1848 the first Public Health Act caused the setting up of a Board of Health, and gave towns the right to appoint a Medical Officer of Health, the government tried to improve the public health of people by making changes and adding new laws although ten years later the laws were taken away however this act encouraged…