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Health Belief Model
The Health belief model (HBM) is used for prediction and explanation of preventive behaviors in health care. Behaviors can be altered. One theory in this respect is TPB (Theory of Planned Behavior) which refers that decision of behavior are not made impulsively or at once (Smith and McSWEENEY, 2007) but is a result of systematic reasoned process in which behavior is indirectly inclined by norms, attitudes, perception of control towards the behavior.
There are number of changes which can be done by health care providers to conform or alter patient’s behavior by using HBM. For instance, in the area of changing eating habits to promote health, the healthcare provider should first understand the eating habits of the patient in past and compare them with the current. Comparison would lead to a new process of change in eating habits, life style changes etc. Changes should start from preliminary minor to major changes. It is never suggested to make an apparent change at once, because behaviors can only be altered by gradual minor changes. Small and minor changes in daily routine have more chances of success as compared to big changes. Cause and effect of changes can be communicated in an easy to understand way to patients i-e salt use can be discontinued with the use of substitute, butter fry food can be replaced with baked. Also, the relationship between these food choice changes and the harmful effects of both for heart disease or related disease will need to be communicated to patient in a