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Week 3 Health Care Terms Worksheet

Understanding health care terms is a prerequisite for both academic and professional success. This assignment is intended to ensure you understand some of the basic terms used in this course.

Complete the worksheet according to the following guidelines:

In the space provided, write each term’s definition. You must define the term in your own words.
In the space provided after each term’s definition, use the term in a sentence as it applies to the health care industry. You may wish to consider the following:

How has it influenced heath care?
What role has the term played as health care developed over the years?

Save the completed worksheet as a Microsoft® Word document with your name in the file name.

Submit the file to your facilitator.

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Use the term in a sentence as it applies to the health care industry.
Licensure is an instance of granting of a license, usually giving the permission to practice an profession.
A doctor needs to reinstated his licensure each year to maintain it.
Direct Care
Direct Care is the care of a patient or resident geiven personally by health care worker or staff member.
Administrative Personnel
Administrative Personnel means people who are responsible for the development of policy and supervision of the execution of plans and functional operations such as the administrative department.
A lot of the administrative personnel at the hospitals have over hundreds of files to keep record of.
Medical Lab Technologist
Medical Lab Technologist work in the lab collecting samples and perform tests to analyze body fluids, tissue, and other substances.
Medical lab technologist are very useful for analyzing samples of tissue or body fluids and delivering results back to an doctor.
Medical Manufacturing
Medical manufacturing is a growing industry in major segments such as orthopedic devices and instrumentation, implantable devices and medical instruments.
Medical Manufacturing costs over millions of dollars each year to keep up to date supplies stocked throughout hospitals and clinics.
Transcriptionist is a typist who transcribes dictated medical reports.
Transcriptionist can transcribe any