Height Linked To Cancer

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Height Linked to Cancer Tall heights might have grace in them but who knew that they could have a higher risk of getting ten different types of cancer from them. There is a 16% chance for ever women over 4-inches to be diagnosed with any type of cancer. Though before it was shown that tall heights just increase the risk of breast cancer in women and testicular in men, now it shows that it could be any type of cancer or disease. This is because tall people have more cells and there are greater chances for few of those cells to be cancerous. A British study shows that every 4 inch increased in average height is a high risk for the person suffering from cancer. It’s not only discovered in women but men as well. The screening was first done on women who were listed for breast cancer, and was later found that even heights can lead to cancer. In this study, it was concluded that out of 17 women, 10 tall women had a cancer which included: skin cancer, breast cancer, or leukemia. High percentage was also from colon cancer. Obviously, there is no way a person can stop themselves from growing but they could perform some acts that reduce the risk. This can be achieved by not smoking, not being a alcoholic, having healthy lifestyle, and being physically active. Acting early on this situation can also help decrease the risk for death. but this does not mean that a person should not eat and stop their growth development, especially kids, because of the worry of growing up and