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1. Henrietta Lacks physically understood something was definitely wrong with her body. But the lack of knowledge,explantation and information Henrietta made poor decision and decline treatments numerious of times for her condition.
2. Henrietta lives in a small tobacco farming community with her grandfather Tommy and other cousins a in home house. She stay in school until eight grade. Henrietta life was consist of alot of outsides actvities such as dealing with farm and playing with her cousins and friends.
3. The Operation Permit did not gave the hospital the right to take Henrietta tissue for research purpose only for surgical care. I believe she did not fully understood what she was signing.
4. Dr.Gey gives samples to the HeLa cells to his collegues because he was excited grown the to share his lab grown the first immortal human cell. Which it can be use for science and medicine.
5. If the doctor had explain to Henrietta that after the cancer treatment the side effect was infertility or in her terms she could have any more kids. Mrs.Lacks would not have go through with the treatment because she adore kids.
6. The Lacks family was clueless about what had been done with Henrietta cells.

7. The development of an immortal cell line like HeLa was important to medical research. They allowed scientist to perform experiment that would have need been impossible with a human cell. It help with research to find ways to stop cancer
8. Patient never question doctors because doctor knows best in the 1950s. The doctor withheld fundamental information from patients about they diagnosis, they didnt want to confuse or upset patient with medical terms. Hernieritta complaints ywere all dismiss and wrongfully documented.
9. The people are unwilling to talk to