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Hershey’s Sweet Mission Dr. Bob Barrett
Strayer University

Recommend the redesign of Hershey’s performance management system to appeal to the diverse groups that it employs In an increasingly competitive market, it is imperative that Hershey design and implement an effective organizational performance system. (Bohlander & Snell, 2004) High Performance Work System is defined as a set of management practices used to create an atmosphere within an organization where the employee has more involvement and responsibility. My redesign of Hershey mission is to attract, develop and retain the best of the workforce from all backgrounds. The redesign goal requires the company to have a culture of inclusion where all individuals feel respected, treated fairly, have a balance work like and the opportunity of upward movement. On the other hand I do believe Hershey already have a great performance management system to appeal to diverse group and should keep their current design of performance management system. The design caters to two group baby boomers and the younger generation which is a great strategy to develop and maintain skills. However to be very effective in achieving the company’s goals, it will require both the employees and management to play their part. Leadership would need to possess diversity and inclusion competencies to lead and manage the workforce, build on management capabilities, Training, communication and people skills. Another approach Hershey’s could use is to appeal to the diverse groups that it employs would be to utilize knowledge workers, such as indicated by Noe et al (2011). Noe et al (2011) defined knowledge workers as employees whose key contribution to the organization is specialized knowledge, such as knowledge of customers, a process, or a profession. The collaboration of cultures, ideas, and different perspectives is an asset to the organization. Everyone must treat their pairs with respect by listening to each other viewpoints, ideas and embrace each other culture to bring forth greater creativity and innovation. By increasing the diversity of the workforce, Hershey will be able to create a team that effortlessly designs products with the needs of the growing customers in mind.

If you were a Hershey’s employee, analyze how you would interpret the values that Hershey embraces in relation to your role. Hershey’s values are centered on people. Hollenbeck, Gehart & Wright (2011). As a Hershey employee the company values aligns with my motivation to learn and perform at a high level. We are very employee oriented and embrace diversity always seeking new ways of improving and always striving for the best while valuing the opinions of everyone and want to ensure we are building each other skills and knowledge of the work industry. Hershey’s value of improvement ties in with wanting to see more culture and ethnicities at Hershey. The passion of share thoughts and ideas to assist the company meets its goal is very impressive. We are making a difference by leading with integrity, honesty and determination. Working for a company that shares my values and ethics and making a difference in the world inspires me to work my hardest for the betterment of the company and everyone who we meet. Hershey’s value demonstrates Hershey’s dedication to teamwork for a common goal. It speaks to the acceptance of responsibility for your work and being held accountable for your actions that ensure individual accomplishments as well as team accomplishments.

In terms of the trend identified in this chapter, describe which one may impact Hershey the most. Hershey’s faces a number of trends that will affect the business both negatively and positively it is my opinion that the aging workforce could be the trend that affects Hershey the most. All employees must be educated on the differences in generations which Hershey has already implemented by holding training in