Essay about High School and African American Female

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UMBC : Topic of your choice . “ If you give up on anything else in this world, never give up on your education “, people will steal anything in this world if you let them especially being an African American female. My mother and grandmother always told me, I don’t give a damn how u feeling today you leaving out my house and going to a school. I wasn’t raised to be a failure and I won’t raise a failure. So School was never an option for me. I’ve always been a girl full of dreams and aspiration and even if I fail the first time, I’ll keep on trying till I get it. My mother took me to her jail one day to showed me where she worked ,and she said keep up on the path your going you going be in here with all the rest of these dumb-ass folks .

I’ve always loved school, but I never really learned how serious school was until I was in the 8th grade and I was told you will not graduate, unless you go to summer school. I cried and cried and cried, but we thought that I learned my lesson. Coming to high school was a whole new world for me and all I could see was “FREEDOOM “written every where. NO more 90 minute classes , lunch outside , no more getting out of school at 2;45 , being able to sneak out and walk to the store let’s just say it was the ‘Life’ as we call it . But, then one day we had a class meeting and they asked” How many people plan to go to high school when they leave college ‘? of , course yes I raised my hand , then he said you know your 9th grade year is the most important because colleges want to see what you did as a freshman here to even consider having you as a freshman there , I Looked at him at thought to myself it’s too late 9th grade year is almost over . I felt a little down and I hid from the crowd .But me being me I came back tenth grade year, I had a teacher named Ms.Brown who taught English. As a few weeks