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College Essay One million teen girls get pregnant each year. Forty percent of them get pregnant before they turn twenty years old. Being a teenage mother isn’t always easy. At the age of seventeen kicked out your own mother’s have forced to live in shelters to with too little spaces apartments this young girl and her boyfriend had to make a living to support their daughter and themselves. With no help from either set of parents, life began to seem as if no good could come from it. As the year passed these two young adults found a decent two-bedroom apartment with a bed, a couch, and a TV. Soon the young girl had to go back to school in the summer to get her High School degree, having giving a full scholarship to Howard University, this young girl found a menial job in an office as a clerk. Her boyfriend also found a job installing floors. As the years passed they finally got married and the young woman decided to go back to school, While in college she gave birth to her second child.
The young girl grew into a beautiful woman and graduated on the dean’s list with a BSN from American International College. The daughter had seen what the mother went through to get where she is now and is very proud. That young girl is my mother. She never gave up even when the going got tough. She is my role model to succeed and achieve greater things as I grow up. Being my motivation for all four years of high school, my mother expects me to be better than how she was as a teenager.