High School Dress Codes

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I’m a very opinionated person. I’ll stand up for what I believe in. One topic that holds very strong ties to my mind is the dress code. I believe that dress codes are sexist, over-the-line, and promote rape culture. Obviously dress codes are needed — some things need to be covered. It is not appropriate to come to school just in your underwear but I think punishing students(mostly girls) for exposing their shoulders or their back, seems a little bit over the top to me. First of all, the dress codes are very sexist. Here’s a real high school dress code for an awards ceremony. (cite source.) Men:
A pair of khakis or dress slacks and a collared shirt would be appropriate.
If you choose to wear a t-shirt, make your choices wisely.
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Keep in mind that many of you will be on the stage and the stage is raised above the audience. This means that the audience will be looking up at you. Therefore, if your skirt is too short, it means that everyone in the auditorium will know exactly what kind of underwear you have on. The same guideline applies to you… some choices should remain private. If you don’t have a longer skirt, choose slacks.
Choose modest attire. No bellies showing, keep “the girls” covered and supported,and make sure that nothing is so small that all your bits and pieces are hanging out. Please remember as you select an outfit for the awards assembly that we don’t want to be looking at “sausage rolls” as Mrs. Elliott calls them. As you get dressed remember that you can’t put 10 pounds of mud in a five-pound sack. (Awards Ceremony Dress Code. Digital Image.) For men, it is short and simple — slacks or khakis, a nice shirt, keep your pants pulled up. For women, there is a whole paragraph on different things to wear and personally I find some of the things stated very inappropriate. “You can’t put 10 pounds of mud in a five-pound sack” — how insulting! I would be infuriated if my child came home from school and had this as a notice, even if they are in high school. Granted men don’t have breasts to keep covered, but women know how to cover themselves. We know how to dress ourselves. It is not a foreign idea to
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I am a high school student myself and I have been reprimanded for breaking the dress code. What scandalous outfit was I wearing that got me in trouble? Every time, it’s been an outfit that has my shoulders showing. A strapless dress or maybe a slouchy t-shirt that hangs off my shoulders. Tell me why a shoulder is too much for school. A shoulder. I’ve even been asked to pull my shirt down because a few inches of my back were exposed. I don’t understand why we are teaching women to “cover up, so as to not distract men” rather then teach men how to control their sexual urges. If my shoulder is a distraction, you must be the problem. Just last year in fact, I was suspended for wearing a strapless dress. I decided to look nice for one day. But of course, my shoulders distracted all the boys and I was asked to cover up. I refused. Therefore, I was suspended. No boys had complained about me. No boys were “distracted.” But I was still being punished. I’ve been sent home to change for my choices of clothing but yet, not once, in my 4 years of high school, have I ever seen a male be reprimanded for their clothing choices. I’ve never seen a male be pulled out of class and miss lessons due to their outfit. I’ve never seen a male sent home to change or cover up. Are girls education less important than a boys education? Because that’s what this proves to me. I’m the one missing class time, not the boys. Since wrestling and