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College Application Essay If the University of Pittsburgh could only accept one student during this application period, it should be me. I have firm self-confidence and I truly believe in myself as a person. Despite my imperfections and insecurities, I see myself to be a very pure and tenacious human being. I am hungry for success and am willing to achieve success by any means possible. Nobody is perfect and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, however I believe that me as a person make me the right choice as the student the University of Pittsburgh should admit. I am and should be the leading candidate because of my thirst for success and my quality personality. As a high school student, I was an athlete and competition fueled my drive and lust for success and recognition. My focus was always on winning and helping my team by any means possible. Although my strengths are unique compared to those of others, I believe that as a unique individual I should and could be a student of high value with nothing but hard work to contribute to this university. I was brought up and cultivated a winner and taught how to deal with adversity at a young age thus I am a born leader and a natural optimist who strives to be the best I can possibly be. With me accepted I can offer a lot to the University of Pittsburgh. To go along with my keen sense of success and whole hardiness in regards to my desires and pure heart, my superior personality truly overshadows all aspects of the unknown. In other words, although I am not the strongest academically or the most active in the community, my high school and adolescent years of been spent growing up and learning how to take whatever aspect of life and life’s tests god tries to throw at you. Having personally