Essay about Higher Education Is Extremely Valuable

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Higher Education is Extremely Valuable Higher education is defined as education that exceeds high school or education provided by a college or university. For high school students, especially high school seniors, the decision of whether or not to attend an institute for higher education is major an issue for them. Many have the idea that college consist of four years or sometime more; however, there are some colleges that are technical which is a two year school that helps receive a degree faster in some occupations. Gaining more knowledge in something or a skill is a great thing and it is a great investment into one’s future. College trains students in modern technology and career preparation that will contribute to them to land a good job. In today’s society, great deals of jobs require a college degree and it will be hard to obtain a job if one does not go to college. Higher education is very valuable in the 21st century. Many students are worried about the cost of college, financial aid, and huge student loan debt. Due to these financial reasons, some people cannot attend a university so they have to go to a technical school. Many people side eye technical schools, but at the end of the day, the only thing that should matter is if they obtain their degree. This goes to show that there is a way to earn a degree no matter what financial circumstances they are. College is very expensive and it is a very huge financial investment but, by getting a degree, a person earns more money than someone who just has a high school diploma, “College graduates aged 25 to 32 who are working full time earn about $17,500 more annually than their peers who have only a high school diploma, according to the Pew Research Centre” (The Economist). Most jobs nowadays require a college degree and a certain level of training. By making the sacrifice to pay for college, a person well establish in their career will make the money all back and plus more due to having a degree. Also, attending college opens a person up to so many new opportunities and experiences. By going to college, it helps transition the newly graduated high school students into adulthood and making decisions on their own. Responsibilities like time management and money management help people to understand what it is like in the real world because they no longer have the guidance of their parents. Students have to decide which is important and how to make sacrifices due to these responsibilities. By going to college, one is exposed to new cultures, “Gaining the awareness that proximity to diversity affords is another justification for a higher education. Making the acquaintance of people with diverse histories gives you a broader world view, cultural understanding, and sophistication” (McGuire). Also, they