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“America’s Post-Civil War Growing Pains”
Dr. Goldstein
History 105
January 30, 2013

There were two major historical turning points during the time of 1865-1900. The first turning point that really hit hard for me was the Jim Crow segregation. This segregation not only drew a line between whites and blacks, but it made sure that black and whites were never seen in the same building as far as restrooms, water fountains and any public places. African Americans weren’t able to attend the same schools as those who were white. These laws were passed in most southern states. It was known African Americans became very frustrated and tried their best to challenge these laws of Jim Crow but never succeeded. The blacks had no other choice but to follow these laws and rules for their safety and sanity. Racial segregation was accepted back then no whites were against it at that time. The Jim Crow act led into another turning point which was the Atlanta Compromise. African Americans knew that the segregation would rise sooner than later. Booker T. Washington came up with a plan to make a speech stating that everyone should except the fact that white and blacks should stay separate but they should work together only to reach a common ground for the economy in which he believed could happen without any of the racial integration. All Booker wanted was for everyone to work together, you didn’t have to be friends and you didn’t have to even speak afterwards, he simply wanted we as people to come together only to make a better economy. He also thought that if people worked together to make a difference it would eventually stop the violence. There were some blacks that refused to compromise with the whites. African Americans were told they should fight for their rights rather than accept the abuse from others and separation. In todays society whites and blacks have shared what has happen back in time. We’ve all come together to make a strong economy, community and world. Most come together for their community to make adjustments for the better. Some people still live as though blacks and whites are still segregated and they are also ignored because we all know how hard it was back then and wish to never be reminded of those days. Today blacks and whites are able to be in the same facility with each other. Blacks could not be seen in any environment with the whites not even for an education and that was very crucial for those who really needed to learn. All children are now equal. They all get to learn in schools together as one unit. They are now allowed to ride buses together and interact with each other and make a variety of friends. Adults are able to work in the same environment of those who aren’t the same race. They are able to make a difference in today’s world because they finally came together and put aside other situations. We now have people in the political office who are different races and ethnicities to bring together an entire world with just a little compromising. I think we as people have came a very long way. We as people are equal now. We don’t have to walk around scared for our lives or segregated from anyone that isn’t the same color as others.
The reconstruction period may have been different if Lincoln wouldn’t have been assassinated in many different ways. Many seem to think that Lincoln would’ve been subject to compromise to keep political support in congress. He would have been able to improve basic conditions for blacks in most of the southern areas after war. Lincoln could have possibly been able to provide African Americans and whites with things such as comfort and support at that time of need. Lincoln was a leader in which most looked up to him whether he was for the blacks or the whites. People knew all he wanted was reconciliation, but congress was more interested in punishment. There wouldn’t be any Reconstruction because he would have led the southern states right back into the union with as less