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1. My plans after high school are to attend a university daily and succeed in my future career.
2. I’m actually planning to attend UTRGV to finish up my basics due to that I am part of the Early College Program and will graduate with two years of college therefore, I will have the opportunity to finish less years than I actually needed.
3. I am considering a four-year college because I will receive a more well-rounded education and will help me benefit and establish a better education on my future career.
4. I am interested in UTRGV due to the fact that not only will I be getting a good education but I will also be saving a lot of money.
5. I would like to study Computer Engineering at UTRGV. The salary associated with Computer Engineering is an average of $89,000 per year. The work schedule that it demands actually depends on what company I will work for but usually employees work up to 60 hours a week.
6. 1. Computer Engineering
2. Dentist
3. Forensic Investigator
7. In order to prepare myself for these careers, it will be necessary to study the subjects ranging from science branches to mathematical branches that correspond to these careers. The salary for Computer Engineering is $89,000 per year, for Forensic Investigator is actually based on years of experience but the Annual Median Wage is about $52,180, and for Dentistry it’s about $163,000 per year.
8. I actually do have proper credits to prepare me for College do to the fact that I am part of the Early College Program and I am currently taking Dual Enrollment classes.
9. Both of my parents did NOT attend college or any type of trade/technical school of some kind.
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11. My greatest obstacle to reaching my career goal is the lack of organization and the lack of determination.
12. I know quite a few scholarships actually, 7 to be exact, that I will be applying to before the end of this year. One of them is called Gates Millennium.
13. I have visited UTRGV, and a university in Mexico called, La Universidad de Guanajuato.
14. I have on relative, my aunt, that graduated from UTRGV with a Bachelor Degree on Criminal Justice but is currently back at UTRGV to get her Masters as an a Criminal Investigator.
15. I honestly think college is worth my time and money involved because this is my future we’re talking about. College is a very important step in your life because this is where it determines whether you are somebody or not in life. This is where you get the opportunity to fulfill your life with education which will only bring you happiness. It takes time, it takes work but it’s worth it.
16. The careers I chose do require a college education that will not only require a 4 year college but sometimes even more if I’d want to.
17. No, because I wouldn’t want to settle with a GED.
18. My greatest challenge in high school is that besides all the material I am given, especially…