George Washington Dbq

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The history of America is recorded by the formation of the inland military on 14th June 1775. The mainland army was premeditated after the second central senate. This regiment was formed after the kickoff of the American world-shattering combat by colonies that joined in to become part of the United States. This mainland military was developed through coordination of military effort from thirteen colonies which was to revolt against Britain. At the second continental congress, George Washington was selected as the leader of the inland military, and his selection was significant to the course of this war. George Washington remained to be the commander in chief throughout the war.
Appointment of George Washington
George Washington was appointed as the leader of the mainland military on 19th June in the year 1775. George was elected over other potential candidates such as John Hancock. Gorge was appointed due to his previous military experience and capability. Gorge Washington was experienced military personnel who came from Virginia. His place of residence had some significance as it was believed that having a leader from this region would restore some degree of unity to the different colonies. It was also considered that his leadership would help bind colonies from the southern part jointly
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Not all residents of the 13 territories supported this was due to the belief that democracy could work better. These individuals believed that a war would cause much suffering to the citizens due to the destruction of property and lives. Although this opposition was very much present during the war, the firm commander in chief George Washington still managed to win victory in the war. However, after George Washington led America into victory against the Great Britain gorge resigned as a proud man. George is forever celebrated for leading America into victory after against a mighty