History: Nuclear Power and Fossil Fuels Essay example

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Discussing Energy
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This paper will provide specific examples on how energy can be converted from one form to another. Attractive sources of energy and how we define them when we mean fossil fuels. This paper will also describe the two different energy alternatives to fossil fuels in detail. Discussing how they work, compare with fossil fuels, and their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Converting Energy from One Form to Another
Potential energy is defined as energy due to position. Potential energy can be converted to kinetic energy. (I.e. the spinning blades of a steam turbine) Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Moving water or wind to produce energy is a good example of kinetic energy. The Steam boat stores energy and produces steam which the pressure helps turn the blades to create mechanical energy to move the steam boat. Another example is how a cars motor has the ability to convert chemical energy to mechanical energy. A speed boat has a similar affect that to a car. The fuel (chemical energy) it uses to be pumped into the injectors is sprayed to accumulate pressure in an engine. Then used with the pistons to create mechanical energy thus mechanically moving the speed boat across water. (I.e. as shown in figure 3.9 page 62, Integrated Science) Today’s modern world, solar panels are being used to replace electricity. Cell’s in the solar panel covert the energy from the sun to electrical energy. Photons (form of sunlight energy) that hit the panels allow electrons to be disarranged from their natural form. The cells pull these free electrons in a directional current using the panel’s metal surfaces and in turn conduct electricity. Most any form of energy can be converted.
Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuel is a type of energy that has been stored by organisms that lived millions of years ago. A fusion created by the tiniest remains of natural organisms. (I.e. coal, petroleum and natural gas) Most all these various substances are used to fuel fires. (Figure 3.17 illustrates how each substance is used in the U.S. page 66, (Bill Tillery, 2008)) When we mean fossil fuels, we mean the fuel sourced to fuel the engine, the oil used to keep the lantern on, and/or the petroleum used to make medicine, plastics and ink. All these sources are burned for their energy. Most all of these fossil fuels are attractive due to its necessity. Cars need the fuel and oil to be able to produce what cars were intended to do. The alternative to using less fossil fuel is to create an electric generated car called Hybrids. (I.e. Toyota is widely known for their hybrids. The hybrids using less fuel and using more electrical energy decreases the necessity of the fossil fuels)
Many alternatives to generate energy are in use today. For example, The Hoover dam is able to generate “hydroelectricity” caused by the