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The Greatest Game Ever Invented What is the greatest game ever invented? You could ask a lot of people, but the only true answer is basketball. Basketball is a game which is undoubtedly fun to play, easy to understand, and suitable for all men, women, and children to play! The reason basketball has become so popular is revealed in its history. In the past years there has been some rule changes to make the game safer when you play. They've also made it more convenient for women to play as well. Easily all you have to do is find a ball, a basket, and a friend. You will delight in it. When you do that you can play the entertaining sport of basketball too! Basketball is the greatest game ever invented. Basketball's early history explains how the sport is famous today. James Naismith invented basketball. In the winter he created the enjoyable game for the YMCA. James pinned up peach baskets to use for hoops when the first games were played. Interestingly the first game consisted of eighteen players while using a soccer ball. The game, which was played on January 20, 1892, was in Springfield, Massachusetts. Senda Berenson first introduced the game of basketball to women. When changes have been made to the game, it made the game more efficient for women to play. Basketball is famous today since it has an extremely fascinating history. Rule changes were made to basketball because it helped it be more fun and safe. James Naismith, who invented the game, made thirteen original rules, but only nine are kept now in modern basketball. In the past there was no limit to how many players could play on a team. Since 1900 it was decided that five players a team was more organized. Apparently in women's basketball the court was divided into three parts, and each girl was not allowed to leave her zone. Fouling rules were put in place. This made the game fairer. A shortage of trained refs made it incredibly difficult to find exceptional refs in games. Since rule changes have been made to the game of basketball, the game is more enjoyable. Women all over the world enjoy the fantastic sport of