Why Is Michael Jordan Important

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The Greatest NBA player of all time Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of all time, he is known for his great moves. He holds five Most Valuable Player. (MVP)Michael Jordan is an awesome basketball player, he is a great leader and a ton of kids look up to him. Michael Jordan has worked hard and has accomplished many great things. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. “A unanimous decision for Michael Jordan, the greatest player in NBA history.” This quote is meaning that he was picked out of a ton of basketball that have true talent, but Jordan was picked.
Jordan has scored 32,292 in his career. He has 6,672 rebounds and has 5,633 assists. He has been named MVP five times. He is a star in a movie
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Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player because he is known to be a “rookie sensation.” Jordan was a phenomenal player and had outstanding dunks that would put his fans in shock and speechless.
“He burst into the league as a rookie sensation scoring in droves with an unmatchable first step and acrobatic drives and dunks and concluded his career as a cultural icon.” Jordan’s incredible dunks is what kgot his nickname “Air Jordan” with his remarkable dunks he was known for, he got called this by many fans.My evidence supports my claim by showing how Michael Jordan got his nickname.
Jordan is the reason why NBA is so competitive, everyone is trying to be better than Michael Jordan.MIchael Jordan was a Phenomenal player, he worked very hard to get where he was. Michael Jordan had to put up this coaches not believing in him. Jordan has made NBA history.
The greatest NBA player is Michael Jordan, he has the stats to prove it. Jordan has also had a lot of people brag on him, he had proven himself. Jordan has made NBA history by winning six championship rings and other great