History Of Cosmetology

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Since I currently have a wonderful job as a sales rep for an industrial supplier, I decided to focus on the next chapter of my life for this assignment. Down the road, I would like to open my own business and so my next big interview will presumably be with a bank. Naturally, a bank will do their own reference checks and credit score checks so I will focus on my character and achievements from a business standpoint.

To cover a brief overview of my vision and goals we must go back to childhood. This is where I blame my parents for everything. I knew as soon as I was old enough to hold a pair of safety scissors that I wanted to be a professional (hair) stylist. My parents had a much different vision and as we fast forward to present day, what my parents had prayed was just a phase in my life is now coming to fruition. Upon completing my bachelor’s in business, I plan to go full throttle into the world of hair in the years to come. Throughout my talking points, you will come to see that while many salon owners only boast their stylist license, having a background in business will serve to be just a beneficial as cosmetology school and licensing.

Based on reading chapters 1 & 3 in the text, some of my talking points will be as follows:
I will discuss my business model as it pertains to value-added services. After a lot of thought about getting into hair, I started to consider some of the aspects I would consider drawbacks to the job. One of the biggest turn offs was the hours. I am a morning person and tend to crash after a certain point. For my clients’ benefits, I considered their best cut and color from me would happen in the morning. After doing some probing, it seemed like my ideal client (young business women) wouldn’t mind getting up to go to the salon early if it meant it didn’t interfere with their work or children’s schedules. This is a major value added service, as the standard salon doesn’t open until 9 or 10 AM.
Essentially, all of what I will be discussing regarding my business strategy will be catered towards the service channel, as I will be operating under a B2C or Business to Customer model. My background in sales is as a distributor salesperson.
From my sales experience, I am proud to say I am well equipped to handle client development as an entrepreneur. I have attended professional sales training through my current employer as well as courses in selling and negotiation at Penn State.
My company will partner with leading suppliers in the industry to ensure the customer gets the highest quality products while visiting the salon. Working with trade salespeople will help me to align my customers’ needs with the salon’s offerings.
With an associate’s degree in communications, I am confident in my ability to read verbal and nonverbal cues, demonstrate high levels of empathy, and have exemplary listening. I am able to establish propriety, competence, and commonality.

Throughout the next few pages, I will provide my mission statement, vision statement, personal code of ethics, resume, and volunteer experience. For an extended view of my endorsements and projects, please visit my LinkedIn page.

Mission Statement

To be a leader through respect for diversity, respect for the environment, and respect for myself. 

Vision Statement

I believe in the greater good of people. I strive to make the world a more honest, curious, and trustworthy place everyday.

Personal Code of Ethics

My personal mantra is, “Grass doesn’t grow on the high road.” In other words, even when it’s hardest, doing the right thing is what will ultimately make your life the best life it can be. I believe this with my entire being and stand by it even when I most want to take the “low road”. I believe that the more good energy you put into the world, the more good energy you open yourself up to. Someone once told me the more you are thankful, the more you have to be thankful for. Below is a collection of my personal ethics that I strive