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The Night of Long Knives 26/9/13

Why did this event happen?
The Night of long knives took place in June 1934 Germany. This was the Night when Hitler carried out the killings of Ernst Rohm and other main Leaders of the SA and others who angered Hitler in the recent past in Nazi Germany. The SA were once favourites of Hitler and helped him to rise to power but Heinrich Himmler the leader of the SS started to influence Hitler into thinking Rohm was end up going to overthrow him and that he really has no control over Rohm or the SA, but the only reason why Himmler was doing this was so that he could be Hitler’s 2nd in command and getting rid of Rohm guaranteed his prize. So Hitler went to Rohm’s house in the middle of the night and arrested him for treason, he was later sent to Prison where he was given a gun and 10 minutes to commit suicide but he refused and SS Officers were sent in to shoot him.
The army had seen the every so rising power of the SA as by 1934 the SA’s numbers had reached over 2million. The army saw this as a massive threat as they heard Rohm talking about taking over the army and absorbing it into the SA, the army Heads didn’t like this and explained to Hitler and tried to persuade him that Rohm was out for power and that he was trying to overthrow him. And the Death of Rohm inflicted the way the German Army thought about Hitler and the SA the army thought they