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The authentic text I chose for this task is about beach vacations that customers might like added to their holidays, I chose this article from an online news paper that specialises in beach vacations around the world and the website is called vacationNewz.
I decided to write about beach vacations because I believe that the students will relate to it especially as most of the students come from tropical countries and believe it’s relevant as it’s coming up to the summer time so it’ll be quite interesting for the students.
This article relates to what the student might be considering when deciding where they would like to book their holidays. The text discusses the best destinations they can visit for a great beach holiday.
I believe that this article would be a good reading practice for the students to improve their reading skills, according to J Scrivener 1994 he states that this would be “more useful for them (the students) to struggle a little and learn to make use of their own resources”.
I believe reading such a text would be appropriate for the students and they should find it interesting and stimulating as it will have some vocabulary that will be new to them, it will also be helpful for the students to get acquainted with the different types of reading skill such as skimming, reading for gist and reading for detail.
The authentic text has some everyday vocabulary so it will not be very hard for the students to understand but also some new vocabulary that can be taught and elicited with the class before they start the task.
J Scrivener 1994 states that, “the best way to get the students to be better readers, we firstly need to raise their awareness, it’s not always essential to understand every word and that practicing different reading techniques may be very useful to them”
For the first activity, I have chosen a reading for gist task. It is important to develop the student’s skim/ gist reading skills, reading for gist gives the students the skill to skim through a text very quickly to understand the main topics and arguments. In gist reading students will be able to develop the skill to ignore the detail in the text and look for the main ideas.
The task is to read the article on beach vacations from vacationNewz handouts and choose a place you would like to go to and discuss with your partner your reasons for wanting to go there.
Before the first task I will do the following with the class.
• Engage the students: Stick pictures up on the whiteboard of beaches vacation images.
• Elicit beach vacation from the class by asking the students questions relating to beach vacation.
• Pre-teach key lexis from the article so that the students can understand the article and complete the tasks e.g. blissful, solitude…etc
• Interaction Pattern: the students should read the article individually, compare understanding of the article in pairs and then complete the task in pairs.
• Instruct the students to read through the text quickly alone and pick the correct sentence which summarises the article and then to check with their partner.

For the second activity, I have chosen a reading for specific information task. Reading for specific information will be a great activity to follow on from a gist reading task as it will allow the students to read the article but this time having a specific goal in mind. It will enable the students to practise picking out the necessary information from the article.
The task is to answer 6 questions about the text and using the article they should write down the correct answers below each question
1. Where is the world’s best destination for parties and more parties?
2. Where can you be by the beach all day?
3. Where is Negril?
4. Where can you get the feeling of a big cosmopolitan city?
5. Where is Nassau?
6. Where can you have 24 hours of fun in your island holiday?
For the productive task, I have chosen an activity which will allow the students to practice