Holy Spirit and Pedro Essay

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Hi, my name is Pedro I live in a small town in Honduras. My name in American is Peter. I have always been a contemplative young man; I am only 11 but I see the world through the eyes of an adult. I go to school but my school does not have many books, we only have 35 (that includes curriculum.) Our teacher, who is an American, teaches five sets of children each day; because we do not have the room for 65 students at a time and we obviously do not have the desired quantity of curriculum. His name is Mr. Shepherd, he is a Christian, and he led me to Christ about a year ago. Also his daughter, whose name is Lucy; is my best friend, we talk before and after school. I feel blessed because I am in the third rotation of pupils and so is she. My family is very poor even though it is only my father and me. My father works on a local wheat farm. I have doubts that my father has affection for me. If I speak of God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, I am to be severely beaten until he is satisfied with his “handiwork”. Most people of my age would be scared away from their faith; but I am reminded of this verse that Mr. Shepherd taught me: 2 Corinthians 1:5 “ For the more we suffer for the more we suffer for Christ the more God will shower us with His comfort through Christ.” My mother died giving birth to me, my Mother was a Christian and so was my father; but when my mother died, he became bitter to all humanity… and to God. He consistently reminds me of how I will only be let down if I keep following God; but I am reminded that I will never be forsaken by my Savior. I am aware that my father flagellates me only to relieve his own insecurities and emotional pain. One day I will recite a Bible verse to him and it will change his life. Hi, my…