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Danielle Brow
Critical Analysis Assignment 3

I selected to search my Facebook account on the digital media platform in exploring my account. I was very surprised to see all the information I collected in such a fast amount of time. When I saw this assignment assigned to me I did not know what to expect and what kind of information Facebook would give me in collecting the data that I have had since I first created my account back in 2007. Once I got the email sent to me I started exploring my pictures I had when I first got Facebook, since I have not looked at photos from prom I was the most surprised to see I had pictures in my folder from then. Nothing in the exploration troubled me, It was all just very surprising to see so much information collected over the years. Even all the events I went to back in 2008 were in one of the folders that was sent and collected to me. Facebook in my opinion does present me in a very accurate manner, for that I have grown in to a party girl to a geek in over the years and you could definitely see that though all the information from the events I went to, to the pictures and statuses I have posted. For example, I posted back in 2009 about a party in my area and how fun I was having with my friends. Now, in 2015 there are only statuses of me going to the library and staying home drinking wine. The only thing I feel like that may have wrong about me is the exact events I went to. For that, I sometimes go to the events I join on Facebook but hardly ever really show up, so it may say that I am going to an event but fifty percent of the time I do not end up going. In conclusion, my experience in this exercise suggests about my life in the digital society, is that I spend way to much time making post about my life and showing the world I care what they think in my statuses and posts. For example,