Ice Cream Social Report

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Annual Ice Cream Social
At the beginning of each school year as a welcome back our FFA Chapter held their annual ice cream social. One of the main purposes of this event is to introduce new members of the FFA and their families to current officers and members. This event is such a great opportunity for the parents to get involved in the FFA booster club and for their children to get excited about the new year that is filled up with fun activities through our FFA chapter. Our chapter invited guest speaker Erin Woody, who spoke about stepping out of your comfort zone and getting involved in agriculture has led her to many adventures of a life time. You never know how much it can shape your life. At the end of the gathering we enjoyed some delicious homemade ice cream and desserts that was provided by the members and the alumini. It was a great event and we hope to continue the tradition in the future of our members and families it was an awesome experience. im truly proud to be in the agriculture program. it is very inspirational and very uplifting. the trips are always a blast even if on the ride up there we have to listen all these weird storys from people and get carsick from the crazy bus drive. you cant help but laugh and go on with life. if i were you i would take up this offer for you to get involved in the agriculture experience and the farm life and leanr more about where your food and even clothes come from. wth out agriculutre and with out the farmers who produce