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2 October 2013

Stressful Homework

Lynnae has trouble with her homework. She plays a sport but she is on two teams. Lynnae has no time to do her homework because she is always to a practice. She gets home around nine o'clock. She eats dinner while she is trying to finish her homework. Lynnae then takes a shower and gets back to her homework, by the time she is done it's eleven fifteen. Some people say homework is essential because it has always been a part of school. Homework has value when it creatively enforces leaning and gives balance between creativity and memory. I believe that homework is not good when kids get way to much homework, which is usually what happens. Homework is good for you because it helps you remember what you learned in school that day. It also helps you study for tests, it's like a little review. "Homework remains an orphan child of the educational excellence movement", (Gill & Schlossman). "Studies generally have found homework assignments to be most helpful if they are carefully planned by the teachers ad have direct meaning to students", (Brain Haley). They talk about how homework is good for you, it helps you become a smarter person and to do well on tests. They also talk about how it's helpful to learn to work together with other students. Homework is great if you do not have tons of it. If teachers give you too much homework it will help you get better grades on tests. Homework is supposed to help you with your grades and test scores. "Parents feel the homework load is about right and, of those who would like to change it, more parents would rather see homework increased than decreased", (Do Students). "Parents want their kids to do more because they want them to become something in life", (Gloria Chaika). Parents want their kids to achieve in life and not fail. I think homework is not good for you. Homework is not good if you get over two hours. "On top of causing more tress, more homework means kids have less time for other activities", (Alfie Kohn). "Kids do not have time to do homework if they help out around the house and help pay bills by working because some parents have rough times", (Gloria Chaika). Homework causes stress for people that do not have a lot of time Stressful Homework pg 2 to complete their homework. Homework is not easy to do for kids that have to help their parents take care of things. If homework was not too much or too hard, I think more people would do their homework. It takes to much of people's time to do their homework and extracurricular activities. "Low achieving students have to do more homework to catch up the reason is they are struggling in class", (Do Students). "Like mowing the lawn and taking out the trash, homework seems to be a big factor of a child's life', (Brian Haley). Homework takes up to much time in your life from your family and chores. I think it should be less than it is now, homework is causing stress. It is difficult when you have more than one class that gives you homework. Teachers seem to think that they are the only class that you have. "If teachers want to assign more homework than why do they encourage us to join all these clubs", (American Freshman). "Students that have good grades in class tend to have less homework, kids that are not doing well should not be pushed, they just need more help, not more homework", (Do Students). The kids with more