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Homework assignment 3
The Gebusi
Chapter 9
Do you think it was right for Bruce Knauft to intervene and talk to Gami? Why or why not?
I believe Knauft did the right thing. After she had been verbally and physically abused the Nomad police could have actually created a bigger problem for Gami. I think they all needed to be reminded that women had denied marriage before. I think Gami also needed to know that someone was on her side and standing up for her.

Chapter 10 In what ways did ritual life as performed in Gebusi villages change between 1982 and 1998? Use Sayu’s dance and the author’s departure feast as examples. YOU MUST TALK ABOUT BOTH OF THESE IN YOUR ANSWER.
Séance singing had become a musical performance that Gebusi listened to instead of joining in. Sayu danced all night but instead of to disco, in a stately traditional costume. The feast incorporated different traditions this departure. Profits were pooled from the local store, as well as cartons of store bought food was used for the feast. The entertainment from the night included a combination of traditional dance, the string band, and the disco.

Anthropology at home question
Describe a culture in the United States that you would like to study (This has to be different from the one in your ethnography project). Why did you choose this culture? Provide a detailed answer.
I would be interested in learning about the Lebanese culture. I chose this because my father is Lebanese but he has exposed me to very