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Satirical Essay
There have been recent studies showing that the death of students, due to their homework load, has been increasing over the years. This all started when the story of Amy Long’s death became notorious throughout the entire country. The poor girl was so stressed for her AP calculus test that she collapsed and never got to take the test she critically needed to pass. Her mother found her with a pencil in her cold, still hand and an unfinished derivative problem. Many other cases have turned up all over the world, validating that homework is executing the population of today’s youth. Madeline Zwicker, a hardworking sophomore, pushed herself so hard that she was crushed to death by the amount of homework she acquired. She was trying to grab her world history textbook when her astonishingly tall pile of homework fell right on top her. Unfortunately, she did not have the strength to dig her way out and eventually suffocated. One of the most common causes for students’ deaths is due to paper cuts. The razor sharp papers have led to deep gashes causing teens to bleed out. The homework outbreak is a serious topic that needs to be addressed before more youths lose their lives in such a disastrous way. For now, homework should be temporarily outlawed in the United States while the government decides on how much homework should be given, if given at all. Regrettably, it will take a very long process in order to resolve the situation, but there is one thing that we