Honors American History Essay

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Tasmere Lee
Honors American History
Mrs. Hajduk
Angelina Grimke Hello, I would like to introduce myself as Angelina Grimke. I was born in South Carolina. My sister, Sarah, and I were dedicated abolitionist against slavery. We also fought for the rights of women. As a young child, I have always hated slavery. My parents were slaveholders and I begged them to free our slaves. Once I got older, I moved to Philadelphia and I joined the Philadelphia Anti-Slavery Society. I have very strong dislikes about slavery. In 1835, I wrote this letter to William Lloyd Garrison. I was expressing my hate for slavery too. To my surprise, William published my letter in his newspaper “The Liberator.” After that, I wrote a pamphlet called “Appeal to the Christian Women of the South.” That pamphlet argued that women could and should end slavery through the influence. Women had no type of rights and that irritated me. One of my first letters about women rights was, “Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Women.” That pamphlet slowly became very successful and I got invited to speak all over. Theodore Weld was also an abolitionist and he helped me on my speech and my language for my speeches. At first, my audiences were all girls, then men started coming to my speeches. I felt very accomplished. My word was finally getting out. Theodore Weld and I fell in love and ended up marrying. We both were strong people and make influences all over the United States. I was the first woman to speak to a United States legislative body. Many people loved my speeches and my movements, but at the same time people hated them too. I remember when I spoke at a building in Philadelphia. After I was done, a mob came and