Black People Essay

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1. No, I have not learned anything about black history month until this year. I have, however, learned about black history, and I have great respect for it. 2. I believe that nothing would change in regards to the respect for black people. However, I believe that black history month represents the hard work of many great souls and should be preserved. Since it had developed a tradition already, there is no way to exclude it, anyways. 3. No, the function of these special months is to learn from and honor the great work that people did through history, but the American history consists most of this information. Creating separate moths for each heritage will only separate them from each other, argue many people, so it isn’t really needed to provide each heritage with a month. 4. I believe that that black history month is a great event to honor the great people, but I believe that using it as a marketing tool is cruel. 5. I agree that slavery is a dead issue in America, but I people are always divided no matter what. Maybe the African Americans are, mostly, accepted in the society, but what about the Africans and what others. Either, by hating them or being hated by them we have divided up this whole world. There are so many things we could achieve by working together, yet people keep fighting for power or superiority. 6. If the government controls the black history and shows it from American perspective it will seem like they didn’t mean to cause any harm,