Hope in Their Eyes Essay

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Hope in Their Eyes Hunger is not something easy to deal with. My grandfather used to tell me that people would fight or even kill each other because of hunger, but I didn’t believe him. I used to say in my mind, “Why would someone fight over food or kill someone for hunger?” I also used to think that food was one of the simplest things in life until I went overseas. Then I discovered that everything that he told me was true. I believe that we all can make a different. In the summer of 2008, I went to many poor countries such as Egypt, Yemen and Djibouti. The countries were not entirely poor but there were cities mostly like Djibouti city in Djibouti, Aden in Yemen, and Alexandria in Egypt. They had some of the poorest people I have ever seen. Moreover, when they would eat dinner, they would gather all on one plate, mostly a family of six and open a container of yogurt that was about 12 oz. Some of them didn’t have clothes to cover themselves with, and other wear a small short just to cover their sensitive area. When I witnessed this, I made a commitment to make a difference. In those countries or in America I just wanted to help people. During spring break of 2010, I and a group from the Islamic Center of Tacoma went out to help the needy and the poor. We distributed food and drinks to several poor people. That day when we reached to downtown Tacoma and the needy saw us; their eyes would glow with the joy. The people that were awake would go and awaken the sleeping ones and say, “They’re here! They’re here!” When I saw their faces, I could see the happiness. I could feel that they still had hope in their eyes. They were wearing torn