Hospitality In The Odyssey

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“But now, since it is our land and our city that you have come to, you shall not lack for clothing nor anything else.(Nausikaa, 6, 191-192)” Without this act of kindness, generosity or heart in other people from the book The Odyssey, Odysseus would not be able to do any of the obstacles he had to face. Anyone during this epic wouldn’t be able to accomplish most of their tasks. Giving and receiving was the way of life back in Ancient Greece; the definition they used was greek hospitality or xenia. Greek hospitality was a key value portrayed in this epic. Hospitality is all about the kindness and generosity someone gives to another person and this is achieved in many ways throughout this book. Hospitality is arguably the most central trait …show more content…
She gave him a lot of tools and disguises to get him back home and through of off his hardships. She disguised him a lot but one of the most important times was when she covered him in a cloud of mist and made him a beggar to talk to his wife Penople. It says in the book “So speaking the goddess scattered the mist, and the land was visible. Long-suffering great Odysseus was gladdened then, rejoicing in the sight of his country, and kissed the grain-giving ground. (13,352-354)” This is representing how not only mortals can show their hospitality to others, but also immortals can do the same. This shows that everyone can show their kindness towards each other. Without being hospitable, there is no way Homer would be able to make the book. This is how hospitality is a key value in this epic.
This proves that hospitality is the central trait used throughout this epic. It is the most important key value that makes the story flow. Also saying that all the mortals and immortals show their hospitality towards other people in the epic proves that making the conclusion of hospitality is the central trait and key value of the story. Without all of the examples provided, they would not be able to tell the story of Odysseus. This is why the most important trait of all is