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Hot Button Issue Paper

Technologies evolve, but sex and violence have always been and remain hot button issues in the media. The pace of the new technological change can be so great that we can no longer wait on formal media effects research to guide our personal decisions. There have been many changes that have been taken place with media sex and violence today since I was a child. I believe that the media technologies have increased the negative effects of sex and violence on children and adults today. This paper will discuss why and provide examples of how it has an effect on adults and children because it’s not only an adult issue. This paper will also discuss recommendations
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I think that what they wear and how they show affection and inappropriate touching during the show, gives the adolescent kids ideas and let’s them think that if they can dress like that and act like that, then why can’t they?
Video games are another technology issue. When I was younger, I do not remember playing video games that had so much violence in them as they do today. Researchers have found that 92 percent of children and adolescents between the ages of two and seventeen play video games and more than two-thirds of all children between the ages of two and seventeen have a video game system in their home (Walsh & Gentile, 2001). Nine out of ten of the top-selling video games contained violence; about half of all games contained serious violence, and seventeen percent featured violence as the primary focus of the game (Walsh & Gentile, 2001). Another study found that adolescents who are not naturally aggressive, but who spend a lot more time playing violent video games are ten times more likely to be involved in fights that other non-aggressive adolescents who do not play violent video games as much (Walsh & Gentile, 2001). There are so many different ways that kids can play those video games. They can play on the internet, in the car with a hand-held device, or just simply at home with a system. Parents are not regulating the amount of time spent on playing video games like they should be. They not only