Hotel Literature Review

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3 Investigation/Literature Review

Literature review is the part where the previous studies within the same scope and same issues will be discussed and analyzed in order to strengthen the study that are currently made.

3.1 Review on existing system.

This part was done to compare the existing system and the current system. The reviews are made based on the system that have the same problems, issues and objectives. This is crucial in order to develop a successful online system for hotels. 3 samples of boutiques hotels’ websites and systems from the Internet with the same system are searched and analyzed clearly.

3.1.1 Courtyard @ Heeren Boutique Hotel

Figure 3.1: Courtyard main homepage.

Courtyard @ Heeren Hotel is located in
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This hotel is the winner of the Malaysian Institute of Architects Award for Color on Buildings (Interior) in 2010. This hotel also the winner of many TripAdvisor contest, such as TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice 2013, Certificate of Excellence from 2011 until 2014. This hotel also win the Agoda’s Gold Circle Award.

However, despite many awards achieved, the usage of the colors in their website is too dreary. This includes the usage of their font sizes and the font design, especially in the main header. Plus, there are too much scrolling needed for this website even though the font sizes used are already small. There is too much words in the page that can make the customers bored. The links on header also quite messy since the website has two different type of menu bar.
On the bright side of it, customers can know the latest news updates by clicking on the menu bar and also this hotel did some good CSR called the Elixir of Life placing the CSR they did in their website is a good way of marketing their hotel. There are other different type of CSR that they have done such as HeartBeat, and Donation trip Scrap
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There are also local attractions and useful information such as the customers who book their room in the hotel’s official websites instead of using third party hotel website will be given discount and best rate guarantee that if the customer shall find any rates lower everywhere, the customer can submit a claim and within 48 hours, the hotel management team will determine the eligibility and contact the customer. It is a good marketing skills to encourage customer to book the room through their official