Essay about How Communication and Culture Is Treated in Japan

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Speech communication
March 30, 2014 I interviewed my friend Akiyoshi he is 38 years old, i know him because he is one of my coaches for soccer. I decided to interview Akiyoshi because he is Japanese and he goes every summer to visit his family. This interview was mainly for my class assignment, although I am interested as well. I too, will be visiting japan next year with Akiyoshi. I will be playing for a team for two months and I am actually interested in learning how communication and culture is treated in Japan. The interview began with us drinking some water and he told me he was ready to start. So i began and asked him how long did he live in Japan which he said 12 years. I asked him why did he come here, “I came here with my mother and brother because i did not want to leave them behind. When we came here we first moved to New York with my aunt and she provided a home for us.” he responded. I then asked him the first question, how do you describe your culture? What makes it different from the culture of the country you’re in now? “Japan’s culture is very different compared to here, Japan might live a technology age. However we don’t forget the traditions. The Japanese culture has always been raised to think of themselves as part of a group. We have more working hours and less vacation. Our culture has always taught us to be loyal no matter what, always obey our elders. Which with the years i have spent here i have observed how kids treat their parents, and the parents just take it. In Japan, there is consequences for any sign of disrespect”he answered. I asked if he keeps his culture going here? “Yes, because that’s how i was raised, its like brushing your teeth.” he responded.I went on to the second question, what form of communication do they use the most in your culture? he said “They are similar to todaystechnology.” I asked if they use facebook ,social sites? Akiyoshi answered simply “Yes of course I talk to my family by a social media called high five.” On to the third question. Has technology change your culture? “Yes in a way, it made things easier. However, it’s changing the children, instead of working and being loyal. Kids are now wanting everything the easy way, they want everything given to them in their hands. They are becoming more disrespectful. Remember these are only