How Did Jackie Robinson Impact Society

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Jackie Robinson a world famous baseball player. Jackie the most outstanding player of his time or maybe of all time! Breaking and setting new records in the league of baseball. How much more can this man do? Well, Jackie Robinson has had a significant impact on society because he supported civil rights, fought against racism, and influenced children.
Jackie Robinson joined and became a strong supporter of the NAACP. “Jackie’s first involvement with the civil rights movement outside of his actions in baseball came through his participation in a fundraising drive for the NAACP in 1957” (Branch III). This shows his participation in the NAACP helped them become stronger and one step closer to victory. Robinson was an important role in the civil rights movement and he followed black leaders. “Robinson and Malcolm X had many clashes over the
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“Jackie Robinson made history as the first African American to play in major league baseball since it became segregated in 1889.”(Branch III). Black players started to become more excel in baseball. It took about 13 seasons for the major league to have at least one African American on every team. No one really realized how great players were till Jackie steeped on to the plate. “His presence and that of other blacks in baseball made it easier for whites around the country to come to accept integration provided American blacks with a successful example of peaceful integration in a previously segregated field.” (Rubinstein). But it did take a while for his teammates to accept him and his color. The first presence of an integrated league was Pee Wee Reese famous saying “you can hate a man for many reasons. Color is not one of them.”(Williams) or when Pee Wee walked onto the field and put his arm around him. Grabbing more support from his teammates, Jackie was able to support more than