How Did Jackie Robinson Impact Society

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Jackie Robinson was a professional baseball player who was the first African American to ever play in Major League. He was born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919. He was the youngest of five children and was raised in a relative poverty by a single mother. He attended John Muir High School and Pasadena Junior College, where he was an excellent athlete and played four sports: football, basketball, track, and baseball. Jackie Robinson has influenced the lives of many people facing adversity. He has been an inspiration to many people across the world. People all over the world love him for his successfulness and the great change he has made. What's so amazing is that his mother tried so hard on them and made sure they tried their best although …show more content…
People did not realize that he impacted African Americans as much as he did in Professional sports. He was one of the main people who started to make a stand and didn't care what other people said or thought about him. In 1941 he was forced to leave the college he was attending due to financial problems. However finally he broke his emotional and political silence in 1949, becoming an outspoken and controversial opponent of racial discrimination. He criticized the slow pace of baseball integration and objected to the Jim Crow Practices in the Southern states where most clubs held spring training. He also led other ballplayers to use their economic power to desegregate Southern towns, hotels, and ballparks. Because most baseball teams integrated relatively calmly, the “Jackie Robinson experiment” provided an important example of successful desegregation to uncertain white southern political and business leaders. When he retired from baseball in 1957, he sought to bring the same tactics to bear on increasing African-American employment opportunities. His lifelong struggle continued to his last public appearance nine days before he died he told television viewers of an Old-Timers’ Game, “I’d like to live to see a black