How Did Rock And Roll Influence Society

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Rock and Roll is a very influential topic for America throughout the 19th century to present day. It was such a new style of music that many people thought it was bad for teenagers to listen to and that it had poisonous influence. Why is it such an influential subject and what made it so? Rock and Roll was influenced by African American integration into American society, Elvis Presley and American teenagers. Rock and Roll music has many origins in a couple styles of music including Blues, Jazz and mardi gras. These music styles where what led to the formation of Rock and Roll making them very influential styles.
The biggest impact on Rock and Roll was the music brought from African American culture. Tribal music and songs called “Field Hollers” sung by field laborers. This music had a strong back beat known as
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This style created more melodies on the spot called riffs which are also used in Rock and Roll. Jazz was the closest relative to rock and roll because of similar lyric subjects and the louder volume of the music. Blue and Jazz music was where you started to see more integration of black and white musicians. One example was the “Medicine Shows” which were knock off touring symphony shows. They had both black and white performers together; they toured in smaller communities. Some of these communities had never seen professional entertainers so seeing blacks and whites together was a step forward in racial equality. From Jazz music jumped a new era of rhythm based music called rock and roll. Rock was a louder and more upbeat version of Jazz. Rock was considered rebellious by most adults but was loved by teens. |Adults still listened to slower light classics, operatic arias, songs from musical theater, and patriotic music. They didn’t approve of the more sexual and rebellious music. The king of rock and roll helped to lead the rebellion that rock