How is Obesity Related to Poverty Essay

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How is Obesity Related to Poverty?
Project Part 1
Coleen Hollomon
ITT Technical Institute

1. Introduction Paragraph (Establishing the claim).
Obesity has become a worldwide problem. Obesity can be defined as having too much body fat and this situation occurs over time where more calories are consumed than what is being burned. Obesity is linked to poverty. This means that persons who live in poverty tend to be more obese than those of higher classes. Thesis statement: Obesity is significantly related to poverty. People who are poverty stricken are not able to afford fresh foods. People who live in poverty are more sedentary. There are more fast foods restaurants in poor neighborhoods.
2. Topic background paragraph ( The Warrant)
Persons who live in poverty stricken areas do not have access to foods that allow them to make healthier diet choices. According to Baker et al, “The spatial distribution of fast food restaurants and supermarkets that provide options for meeting recommended dietary intake differed according to racial distribution and poverty rates. Mixed races or white high poverty areas and all African areas regardless of income were less likely than predominantly white higher income communities to have access to foods that enable individuals to make healthy choices”(p.1).
3. Key definitions paragraph (The Warrant ) Obesity can be defined according to C. H, “as a body mass index of 30 or higher” (p.1). According to Business Dictionary, Poverty is defined as a “condition where peoples’ basic needs for food, clothing and shelter are not being met”.
4. Opposing viewpoints paragraph
Poverty is not associated with obesity. Obesity is a disease.
Obesity is a risk factor which is preventable for other diseases and conditions but it is not a disease in itself.
Obesity is a genetic disorder.
While there may be more than one individuals in a family that are obese, obesity is caused from eating too much and not burning it off as well as eating the wrong kind of foods.
The government and medical practitioners have recognized obesity as a disease and not related to poverty.
Obesity occurs as a result of sedentary lifestyles.
5. Main point A paragraph (grounds/support)
People who are poverty stricken are not able to access fresh foods. According to Levine, “It has been suggested that individuals who live in impoverished regions have poor access to fresh food. Poverty- dense areas are often called “food deserts,” implying diminished access to fresh food “(p.2667).

6. Main point B paragraph (grounds/support)
People who live in poverty are more sedentary. People who reside in areas that are poverty stricken are less active because their neighborhoods may be ridden with crime which makes it hard for them to go outside. According to Levine, “violence tracks with poverty thereby preventing people from being active out of doors” (p.2667). Parks and recreational centers also may not be available in these areas.
7. Main point C paragraph (grounds/support)
There are more fast food restaurants in poverty stricken areas. These restaurants have a tendency to offer unhealthy foods at