How My Moms Boyfriend Helped My Life Essay

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Kevin Jones

My Mom’s Boyfriend

When I think of my teenage years I realize how much more enjoyable they were as a young child. As a young child my father was around but he was never really a father he would spend his days in front of the TV. He would have rather done that than spend time with his two sons. My dad left when I was ten and I never really had a father figure growing up I had the responsibility of being the man of the house since I was ten. It was difficult trying to be the role model for my little brother when I was still I child myself I was not ready for anything like this to happen it all happened so sudden. When I was sixteen my mom told me that she had been seeing this man for a while and she was asking what I thought about her having a boyfriend and I told her it didn’t bother me. So a month later I met Pat and I liked him he was funny and I thought that he was right for my mom I knew he would treat her better than my dad. Over time I got closer to him and enjoyed spending time with him and my mom was happy and that made me happy that she found someone that could keep her happy. My mom’s boyfriend was not just her boyfriend he became the father figure that my brother and I needed in our lives and a friend. He treated my brother and me as his own children and it meant so much to me because I never had a real father. When I first met Pat it was weird at first because I didn’t know him and I didn’t know if he was the right guy for my mom so the first meeting was like and evaluation to find out if I liked him. I knew from the start that he made my mom happy and as long as she was happy I was happy. Over time he became so much more than my mom’s boyfriend he became a friend I found myself wanting to be there more often and just joke around with him and hangout. Once my mom felt we were comfortable with him we would spend a lot of our time at his house. The more time we spent at his house the closer he got with me and my brother and the more I realized this is how a real dad should be with his kids. It felt so good knowing I had a father figure that I could talk to and that I could spend time with and enjoy the time with him. I would be there so often my friends would come over and the person he was everyone loved being around him he was always in a good mood and could make anyone’s mood better. After about a year and a half my mom made the choice to have him move in with us and at first I was skeptical but I said maybe it will be alright. Once I got used to having him around the relationship I had with him became so much stronger and I was so happy that I actually had a full time father figure. It felt so good having someone there to talk to and ask about my problems that my mom couldn’t help me with. Whenever I had an issue I would go to him and I saw that he had gone through most of the same stuff I have gone through. He would always know what to say and how to fix the problem.

As my relationship with Pat became stronger I thought of him as more of a friend I found myself spending more and more time with him. At first I rarely wanted to see him I thought it was weird that my mom was with someone that wasn’t my dad and it kind of bothered me. I hated the idea of my mom dating again because I didn’t want her to meet another guy like my dad and I saw how happy she was around pat and my view on him changed. When my mom was around Pat she was always happy and always in a good mood and as long my mom was happy I would give him a chance. After I gave a chance I realized I got along with him and I would want to spend more time around him or with him. When Pat first moved in with us I wasn’t sure about the new arrangements and felt that it would be weird. The more comfortable I got with Pat being around all the time the closer I got with him and the stronger our relationship became. I would just want to hang out when I was and we would just sit outside and the porch for hours just talking. We would