Life With The Father Of My Baby

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Life with the father of my baby
My life changed when I met the father of my baby. He came over to my house drunk or high every night. I did not used to care because we were not going out yet and I thought it was not a big deal. It was in the year 2011 when we met and I was seventeen years old. After months of knowing each other he asked me out for many days until I said yes. We were so good together and in love. When he came over we always talked about our future, of getting married and having kids. After a year and some months passed we started getting mad and had many fights because of his drinking and smoking problems. I wanted to leave him but he always told me we could be better and happy, so I stayed with him.
One night, I went to the movies with my two sisters and I began throwing up everywhere, I told them I was sick and they took me home. I knew I was pregnant but I did not want to tell them. When I got home I threw up again and right away my dad had a feeling I was pregnant. They made me take a pregnancy test and it came out positive. My parents were mad and disappointed in me. They talked to me about what I was going to do with my life. They asked me if I was going to stay with my boyfriend, if I would keep going to school, and so many questions.
I decided to move in with my boyfriend and keep going to school; I did not want them to think that I could not finish school because of that. It was hard for me to leave from my house because I had always been with my family and moving meant that I would be on my own now. When I left I took most of my things to his room because he was living with his parents. I was happy moving in with him because I felt that I was now free from my parents, but at the same time I felt sad because I had let them down and I felt that they hated me.
I had to tell my boyfriend to quit using drugs because it was bad for me and the baby. He was okay with it and quit for a while, but he was already addicted to it. Sometimes when he came home from work he would be too drunk or high. Every Friday with his paychecks, he would go after work with his friends to drink and he would come back home in the mornings. I would get mad at him and we would argue and fight, I knew since the day we began getting mad and in arguments that he would always stay the same. I thought of the baby and did not want him to be without both of his parents.
My boyfriend became aggressive and in our arguments he would start to hurt me. I was worried that it could be bad for the baby too because I heard that they can feel the same that the mom feels. His parents would hear screams of fighting in our room and would tell him to stop fighting with me. They wanted us out of their house because then we would end up killing ourselves and they did not