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Bernard Wolley
English 100A
13 February 2013
How to Ace Your Papers Writing a paper can be an easy process, but you just have to know the right steps in order to compose the perfect paper. While composing the perfect essay, you can use different outlines and methods. They all have similar requirements, but the one I am teaching today is the usual five paragraph essay. This essay includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. There should be something that grabs your audience’s attention, supporting details, and a point that wraps up your whole paper. To write a flawless essay, all you have to do is follow these easy steps, and it will lead you to success and get you the grade you want. The most important part of your essay is your introduction. You have to capture your reader in this starting paragraph to make them want to read the rest of it. This will let the reader know what the paper will be about and what the topic of your entire paper is. It will grab the reader’s attention and curiosity, if you do a good job at writing the introduction. Also, you can put some background knowledge in the introduction so the reader has all the necessary information they need to read the rest of the paper. The introduction can make or break your paper, the reader will either want to continue reading or stop because they were not interested. The next part of your essay is the body paragraphs. These next three paragraphs are to tell your reader the main points you are talking about in your essay. “Writers sit at their desk for hours, wrestling with ideas”(back to the lake (262) Each of these paragraphs need to have supporting details to keep the reader interested in your topic. These details are essential for your essay because they give the reader extra information and even examples of what you’re talking about. Hopefully, the reader can relate to what you are pointing out and that can let them to be more intrigued with the paper. This section of the essay is usually where you include quotes, personal experience, and prior knowledge. These paragraphs must